Gentle Body Treatment 250 ml

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Body skin is quite different from facial skin as its protective film is inferior to that of the facial skin. Through clothing,sweat and sebaceous secretions are continuously and imperceptibly withdrawn from the skin.

In addition, contact with fabrics causes the skin to flake quickly which in turn presents an increased tendency to hornifications as self defence. Therefore, body skin must be treated daily with a balancing and normalising care cream.

Gentle Body Treatment is a cream formulated for intense body care.

It provides an optimum treatment for dry skin, especially after a shower or bath. It stimulates the functions of the skin and it provides it with more elasticity, resilience, and tightens the body contour.

Gentle Body Treatment is allergy-tested and free from irritating substances.

Application: Use Gentle Body Treatment daily after a shower or a bath and distribute gently over the whole body. Rub in using gentle circular movements. The product is absorbed by the skin, without leaving any greasy film. Excellent for prevention of pregnancy stretch marks.

Main ingredients: Non irritating fats, beeswax