Caviar Ampoules (6 x 2 ml)

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The luxurious product from the sea rich in nutritional elements, particularly derived from salmon eggs, The cells of caviar contain important ingredients such as various aminoacids, proteins, lipids, and vitamins.

Caviar ampoules offer the following advantages:
Application: Use once a week. As a treatment we use one ampoule a day for six or more consecutive days.

Important: The contents are applied externally. Thoroughly cleanse and tone face, neck and neckline as usual with Lady Esther cleansing preparations prior to application.

Break off the ampoule at the breaking- ring. Massage the content of the ampoule with the fingertips into the skin, using gentle movements. Treat the delicate eye area and mouth area with special care since the skin in these areas has a natural tendency to wrinkle.