ExceptioNails 50ML - Pack 9

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Cream acetone-free nail lacquer remover, with a delicious aroma - the most innovative, practical and effective alternative for removing your nail lacquer. It allows removing old nail color effortlessly, anywhere, at any time.

Its innovative cream formula incorporates an exclusive solvent complex, infused with treatment and conditioning ingredients - sweet almond and sesame infused oils - and vitamin E, which not only removes even difficult nail polish in just 60 seconds, but also prevents dryness, nourishes and strengthens nails and cuticles.

Its delicate aroma transforms nail polish removing into a spa-like experience. Perfect for weak and brittle nails.

How to use: For regular nail polish, not suitable for removing (semi)permanent or gel type polish. Apply a small amount of cream to each nail. Massage and leave on for 1-3 min. (if two layers or base and top coat). With a cotton disc, gently massage, insisting around the cuticle to remove old nail polish. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.