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The ideal product for treating and preventing the problem of tired legs.

Reduces the permeability of the capillaries and increase their strength and elasticity, thus leaving a feeling of relaxation and freshness on the legs.

Usage: Use morning and evening . Place the cream and massage lightly starting from the lower part of the leg up to the thigh, until absorbed . The application can be repeated as often as necessary during the day. Non-greasy, does not stain clothes .


Camphor - Balancing , stimulating and refreshing is traditionally used to reduce inflammation in arthritis and rheumatism

LEMON EXTRACT - The rind or lemon peel is rich in flavonoids, the most abundant hesperidin and naringin. Both have a decongestant activity and increase capillary resistance because they have high affinity for collagen and elastin, the structural components of blood vessels , therefore, degradation of these proteins , weakens the vessel by inducing swelling and edema the lower extremities

ABSTRACT RUSCUS - Inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effects , cutaneous decongestant

EXTRACT GOLD VARA -Its composition is characterized by the presence of flavonoids, the routine is the main representative of this group. Several studies have shown to have significant efficacy in reducing poor circulation associated with return leg edema. Have also demonstrated anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.

MENTHOL -Purified essential oil of Mentha piperita is used as a stimulating and refreshing. Stimulates lymphatic drainage decongesting the area and has a mild anesthetic effect