Hyaluron Cream with 3 Ampoules 50ml + FREE another 6 Hyaluron Ampoules

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HA exists naturally in the human body and in all living organisms and it is part of the body's connective tissue.  

It is a component of glycosamine glycanes (GAG's), is embedded between the collagen network and elastin fibers as a filler substance and fixates the moisture/fullness (moisture balance and turgor) and supporting proteins and elasticity of the skin.  Although the human body produces about 3 grams of hyaluronic acid daily, production decreases over time. At the age of 40, only about 50% is produced, while at 60, production drops to 10%.

It is therefore necessary for the skin to renew hyaluronic acid every day.

The functions of Hyaluronic acid are numerous. These include the following:

The package of Hyaluron cream also contains 3 ampoules of Hyaluron which can be used to further enhance the properties of hyaluronic acid.
Get Hyaluron Cream 50ml with 3 Hyaluron ampoules and get ANOTHER box of 6 ampoules absolutely FREE.

Application: Distribute on the cleaned face in the morning and evening. Use in combination with the hyaluron ampoules once per week