Eye Contour & Lip Fluid Ampoules - 6 x 2 ml

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Facial expressions, degreasing eye make up removal products and stressful environmental effects are particularly hard on the sensitive area around the eyes. Regardless of the skin type, the first wrinkles always form in this area.

The first creases appear early in young people whose skin has a tendency to be dry. These then increase and deepen during a person’s life. Appropriate care  enables the lower part of the face, which includes the lips and lip contours, to contribute to a face’s positive allure.

The EYE CONTOUR & LIP FLUID is a special ampoule for eye and lip care. It is a unique, thick viscous ampoule with very concentrated ingredients.

It is specifically formulated for the sensitive area around the eyes, where its powerful ingredients smooth wrinkles and counteracts puffiness, while at the same time it assists in the regeneration of the cell structure.


Application: Apply to the area around the eyes, areyelids and lips mornings and evenings.

Main Ingredients: Betaine, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Panthenol